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Satoshi Nakamoto began mining the Genesis block on 3rd January, 2009. Ten years later, Bitcoin has become the first proven application on the blockchain. Institutions now recognize Bitcoin as a new asset class and blockchain a new disruptive technology. The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) recently launched its own digital asset (cryptocurrency) product called …. No one can ignore the inevitable impact this technology and application will have on our world.

However, there has been a growing misconception about the blockchain and digital assets (cryptocurrencies) being synonymous with scams.

Learning the fundamentals of Blockchain and Smart Contracts allows you to navigate this ever expansive space. Our mission provides all students with the knowledge to excel in their current profession and future careers.

All students unlock access to an extensive community of entrepreneurs, investors and professionals in the space.


A collective with an established presence and base in New York City. The company’s objective is to raise awareness of blockchain and digital assets to the public. THEDEx invites pioneers and notable speakers in the space to share their insights. In addition, the company hosts bi-weekly Meetup events and semi-annual conferences. THEDEx facilitates exposure of established projects to help them build community awareness while providing a favorable environment to meet and connect.

Lair East:

Helps startups grow by focusing on tech and culture while leveraging investments and network resources. The company grows a powerful and collective ecosystem between China and the United States, that consists of an international startup – accelerator community for entrepreneurs, coworking spaces, investment support and a bridge for China – US culture exchange. The company takes a “Build Local, Think Global”​ approach, and dedicates themselves to helping entrepreneurs and startups achieve their goals to make a real impact on the world around them.

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